Thursday, December 8, 2011

brinda gets fucked in bus journey

One of my chat friend’s sex experience in bus
Hi , i am brinda, i got to suck one stranger in bus. That man was sitting near me . he try to touch my body regularly. by side he touched my side butt. then i got aroused to touching my buttocks after he hold my lap so hard and pressing then he took my hand and put it on his penis .that was so hottest momentin my was so bit and hot. then he unzipped the pant and cover by cloth then he pressed my boobs and buttcoks and loosed my pant and touched my pussy hair. i have full of hair in hot pussy bitch he careseed my ass crack and i sat on his lap
already his banana ou of his pant then he pressing my boobs so hard and hard slut what a exp that was darling then he pressed his hand in my pussy it got leaked my juice he tasted my love juice da . then he want to suck his hard cook to sit by side he cove by cloth and said act like sleepng on my lap i was hesitate to someone will watch he acted like husband and wife.
i try to slept in his lap he was so hot and opened his pant completly he sat nude on bus sheet.
i was shocked to saw that his balls are waving he saved cleanly his cook and pinkins color but not clear view because light was not clear then i masterbat in my hand his banana
and dancing like anything he pressing my buttocks and pussy hair very hard i didnt control my desired . i have totaly invloved the sex act.didnt bother to seeng anyone of out act.
then finaly pu my mouth in his so hard, hot and pinkins snake bitch. What a nice shake and hot hottest penis slut . i sucked like roadside slut and bitch at that time i act like prostitute bitch. i sucked like lolypop . he try put fuck my mouth so hard iam unble to breath slut what a fuck he gave me a happiness
then i pressed his butt in my hand he pressed my head so hard then slowly opend his cap of the penis front side look like lollypop bitch then i slowly sucked his snake
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Ramesh on  said:
A great experience. I love pussy with lot of hair. Lucky guy. (English could have been better. No ill feelings please


anbu said...

Super, awesome exp.

anbu said...

i need to do the same, can u