Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ramya rani at massage parlour - chennai girls massage center

Hi i am Ramya Rani back with experience in massage parlour.
I got this idea of going to massage parlour because one of my chat friend told many things about massage parlours. that increased my mood very much. i was also in need of any different kind of fun.
As i had busy days of work for more than 2 weeks i need a relaxing massage.
So i went to a SPA near by. I was wearing a shirt and skirt. i dint wear bra, but i had my panties.
Then i sat and waited near the reception. One girl (Age 19) came near me and asked if i have came for massage. I said yes. She took me to a room nearby. there was a table and a small stool nearby with all the necessary things for massage.
I went inside, she asked me old massage or powder massage. I said powder massage. she gave me a towel and asked me to wear it. I went behind a small screen and removed my cloths and tied the towel to my chest. i dint remove my panties. i went to that table, she asked me to relax by lying upside down.
I did that, there was a mild music playing she started giving muscle massage and applied powder all over me and started massaging. The Powder smell was so nice as i closed my eyes for that smell and moved by it.
I enjoyed the massage that she was doing, she then reached my thighs, i got some inner feeling. I felt something was different, as a girl i feel shy as another person is touching my thighs straight on skin.
She then asked if she can remove panties. i said yes, she slowly removed panties from my hips.. that was wonderful. She rubbed her hands on my hips , i felt so good. She was holding my hips and rubbing her hands on both sides. Her hands was running over my hips to buttocks. Then without asking my permission she suddenly took my towel from my body. Now i am completely nude bare back before another unknown girl.
Then she asked to turn up. Now she can see my boobs and start of my pussy well.
She asked my age. I told its 23. She said i am having small boobs.
She was around age 19. she was slim, but her boobs dint match her body. she had an abnormal boobs size.
She was wearing a salwar kameez, it was so tight and cant hold her boobs, if she breathe heavy then her boobs will tear salwar and come out and hang well before me.
She gave a good massage for my boobs and she also told to rub my boobs with castor oil. so that it can be better soon. Then rubbed my stomach and tummy little.
Her hands was moving everywhere on my body
She asked me if i felt relaxed. i said yes.
Then she told they have many packages, like monthly packages.
They asked me to subscribe. I said ok, they told they are going to introduce steam bath soon
She gave dress to me, i put infront of her.. but i liked the session too much
After that i gave a deep look at her boobs and came out. 2 girls were sitting out when i came out. very high class girls. But i liked her that she will touch me on pussy and give some massage for the inner walls of pussy. but that was very nice.
I am now waiting for another session with that same girl for another weekend massage.
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Ramesh said...

Great experience. May be next time I should visit that parlour


munna said...

u shuld asked d masseur girl-she enjoyed massaging u as well. n y she didnot complete the inner thighs?
normally they donot leave any chance...thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Where is this massage centre??

Raki said...

Where is this massage center..pls could you please say..mail to